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The history of The Coca-Cola Company is remarkable, and shockingly, it hasn't been made into a major motion picture [yet]. From the beginning with the rumors of its ingredients, how it made its mark on our culture during World War II, to how it's evolved into one of the world's most recognizable brands. 


So much of the history of the Coca-Cola company is out there for the world to see, read about, and visit a museum. Still, there's also another version of this history that goes unnoticed, or better yet, that's never been tapped (We're not sure if that's a pun, but if you took it that way, we will accept it). According to us, here in little old Kokomo, Indiana, no one tells the story better than our very own President, local Kokomo, Indiana resident, Mr. Craig Severns.

Our History,
Since 1907

Series Introduction

Our History

Our Culture

Current State Of Business

Truck On Fire

Our Success Story

Our Story - Video Series

Enjoy Learning About Our History and Current State In This Video Series Presented By Our President, Craig Severns

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